Feedback from our members...

I am still basking in the extraordinary experience and, indeed, the privilege of attending the Wealth & Giving Forum... in a lifetime of attending conferences, I have never attended one with more substance, impact, and relevance to the participants assembled.
— Charles C. Bergman, New York, NY
As a result of my attendance at the Wealth & Giving Forum, I have started a conversation with my family about much better ways to incorporate philanthropy into our overall family financial, human capital and education plans. I am really excited by the conversations and examples I experienced at the conference.
— Nathan Otto, Boulder, CO
At the Greenbrier, I realized that it will be individuals and families like the ones in the room who, through focused and concentrated private support, are going to inspire large organizations and governments to action. I’d been undervaluing an essential component for what is needed to end extreme poverty: private philanthropy.
— Jeffrey Sachs, New York, NY
Thanks for creating such a stimulating day at your “Seeking Impact Within” Symposium! It was such a nice balance of inspiring stories and “how to” practical advice.
— Paul M. Connolly,
On so many different levels it was amazing — content, values, delivery, and purpose. Quite honestly, in a few years I’ll look back at yesterday and know exactly how it shaped my next steps — right now, it just feels very centering.
— Katie Levine,
Presentations were thoughtful, and with an increased awareness of the need to put effectiveness metrics against the task. Vic Strecher was mesmerizing as the closer. Terrific program.
— Donald Black, New York, NY
It was without question..., and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, the best conference I’ve ever been to.
— GUS CAREY, Horsham, PA