Liz Stern, Senior Advisor

Liz Stern is a Wealth & Giving Forum Senior Advisor. Liz has been a philanthropic advisor to individuals, families, foundations and corporations since 2007.  Liz develops strategic legacy and philanthropic plans to drive social impact for her clients. She is the board chair of the Arnhold Global Health Institute at Mount Sinai and has also served as an advisor to non –profit organizations for over fifteen years. Liz is known as a resourceful, imaginative, and decisive problem-solver; passionate about leveraging assets to address the social and humanitarian challenges we face today.

Liz was previously an investment banker and has advised companies on business strategy and financial management.  Liz received her B.A. from Pomona College and her MBA degree from the Anderson School at UCLA. Liz is an avid traveler, approaching 100 countries, an Art lover, runner and bicyclist. She resides in New York City with her two daughters.