Wealth & Giving Forum ("W&GF" or "The Forum")was founded in 2003 to promote greater generosity among individuals and families of significant means to make more resources available for good causes. Through invitation-only gatherings, regional and topical programs, and publications, W&GF provides a thoughtful, private meeting ground for individuals and families to reflect with their peers on how best to allocate their wealth.

The Forum is directed by wealth holders who want to discern for themselves and help inspire others about the best way to deploy their resources. It provides a unique opportunity for an exchange of ideas among families who are dedicated to making intelligent decisions about their philanthropy.

W&GF is for experienced donors who seek to accelerate and optimize their own giving and emerging donors who wish to embark on the noble journey of using their wealth to make a difference.


  • To increase annual giving by accelerating the movement of money into philanthropic vehicles and initiatives
  • To provide greater opportunities for impact through collaboration and leverage


  • To establish and maintain a community of individuals and families of great capacity
  • To provide vehicles for the ongoing discourse and reflection on generosity and the real-time sharing of best practices in philanthropy and social enterprises

Programs and Activities

  • Annual gatherings
  • Local and topical seminars for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and opportunities
  • Real-time follow-up to requests for direction, assistance, and support
  • Select publications and regular communiqués

How We Are Different

  • Peer-led and directed
  • By invitation only
  • Organic networking
  • Private, safe, and confidential
  • Creative and unique programs