Wealth & Giving Forum ("W&GF" or "The Forum") was founded in 2003 to promote greater generosity among individuals and families of significant means with respect to their philanthropy and socially responsible investing. Through its annual gatherings, topical symposia and communiqués, the Forum offers members of its community thoughtful peer-to-peer exchanges of ideas and practices on aligning wealth allocation with one’s values.

The Forum is directed by wealth holders who want to discern for themselves and help inspire others about the best way to deploy their resources. It provides a unique opportunity for an exchange of ideas among families who are dedicated to making intelligent decisions about their philanthropy. It is for experienced donors who seek to accelerate and optimize their own giving and emerging donors who wish to embark on the noble journey of using their wealth to make a difference.

Wealth & Giving Forum encourages greater and more effective deployment of capital in philanthropic and socially-oriented investment vehicles among individuals and families of means to create positive social outcomes and to build the community of philanthropic change-makers.



  • Private, intimate gatherings that showcase inspirational stories, innovation and uncommon insights
  • Meaningful discourse and reflection on money, purpose and values
  • Sharing innovative and effective philanthropic and investment practices
  • Facilitation of deep connections among individuals and families, innovative practitioners and thought leaders
  • Collaboration with internationally recognized conveners in philanthropy and impact investing


  • Movement of new capital toward philanthropic vehicles and socially-oriented investments
  • Catalyze effective collaborations among like-minded people and organizations
  • Community advancement