W&GF Announces Partnership with the Association of Small Foundations (renamed Exponent Philanthropy)


Wealth & Giving Forum ("WGF") and the Association of Small Foundations ("ASF") have formed a partnership to plan and co-host programs for members of their respective communities. “We are excited about this collaboration in light of our organizations’ shared commitment to offer philanthropic families innovative and meaningful educational programs to advance their giving” says Tim Walter, ASF’s Chief Executive Officer.

WGF and ASF will organize Wealth & Giving Forum’s sixth major gathering in 2011. This event will include hallmark features of past Wealth & Giving Forum programs: presentations by leading philanthropists and renowned thought leaders, interactive sessions to foster peer exchange of best practices, and private time for families and individuals to explore wealth allocation, giving strategies and inter-generational philanthropy. WGF and ASF also plan to co-host a series of seminars in several cities across the country in 2010. These half-day programs will bring together members of our respective communities for interactive sessions on pertinent challenges and opportunities in a much-changed philanthropic landscape.

Paul Schervish, WGF Senior Advisor, Tara Church, WGF Executive Director, and Kate Straus, WGF Advisory Board will be part of the joint ASF-WGF team that will plan and orchestrate the events. ASF team will be led by Andy Carroll who will also support WGF and members of its community. Andy spearheads ASF’s initiatives on grant making and helps donors to maximize the impact of their philanthropy. He can be reached atandy@smallfoundations.org or 202-580-6560.

ASF has 3,000 member families and foundations whose annual giving averages $1 million. The organization supports its members to execute their philanthropy with high impact and the personal fulfillment. It also provides its members with practical advice on foundation management, resources to support grant making, and a collective voice in and beyond the philanthropic community.

Roxanne Ozoude