W&GF - "Seeking Impact" Symposium, October 1, 2013


Just one short month ago we hosted our "Seeking Impact" Symposium at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. We invite you to view a brief video of the day's program below:

For those of you who joined us, many thanks for your contribution to open discourse about the achievement of positive outcomes through philanthropy and capital investments. For all members of our extended community, we are pleased to share with you:

  • Barron's recent article about our symposium, entitled "The Giver's Club" (click here)
  • A copy of All That Glitters, Emmanuel Faber's personal account of Danone Group's inspiring and impactful partnership with Mohamed Yunus and Grameen Enterprises (click here)
  • Jin Zidell, founder of the Blue Planet Network, is offering you a copy of Blue Planet Run, an award-winning "coffee table" book that offers a visual summary of the water problems facing humanity and some solutions being pursued by organizations around the globe. To receive your copy, email Jin at jaz@blueplanetnetwork.org, and
  • The Seeking Impact program and speaker bios (click here)