W&GF Supports BPC's Impact Capitalism Train Stop Tour

Following the Wealth & Giving Forum's support of the Big Path Capital Impact Capitalism Summit in Nantucket this past July, we are pleased to announce that BPC will be hosting a series of gatherings around the country in the coming months and well into 2016.

These gatherings will feature specific investment opportunities and will also offer guests a fresh perspective on the growing impact investment ecosystem as well as ample time for meaningful networking.

Five Fund Forum - New York, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco October 13-16, 2015

Impact Capitalism Train Stop Tour - get on the Big Path:

  • Seattle-Portland-Vancouver, Nov 3-5
  • Silicon Valley-Los Angeles-San Diego, Jan 26-27
  • Dallas-Houston-Austin, Feb 16-19
  • Philadelphia-D.C., Jun 1-2

Impact Capitalism Summit Chicago April 26-27, 2016
Impact Capitalism Summit Nantucket July 20-21, 2016

For additional information about these events, please contact Shawn Lesser atshawn@bigpathcapital.com or Jyoti Aggrwala jyoti@bigpathcapital.com.