Angelica Berrie Speaks on "Women and Power"

To ring in 2017, we wanted to share with you the uncommon insights of Angelica Berrie, humanitarian and humanist, on Women and Power.  In this timely and pertinent blogpost, Angelica encapsulates the perspectives and wisdom she has garnered from a lifetime of co-existence on three continents, professional endeavors at the nexus of commerce, wealth and philanthropy,  and the nurturing she has enjoyed from the Catholic, Buddhist and Jewish faiths.

We invite you to read her thoughts, but also to listen to them from within, to see how: 


Women’s impact and voices will shape the future of wealth and giving. Every woman has ….power to stand for truth, justice and human rights. The best antidote to fear is connection…


We also take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to Angelica for her leadership in many philanthropic communities around the globe; for her empathy toward so many; and for her generous support of the Wealth & Giving Forum over the years.