At the Wealth & Giving Forum’s “Water” Gathering in July 2007, Scott Harrison shared his extraordinary story about how he went from party promoter to founder and chief of charity: water. With one well built and some $50,000 in the bank account of his newly formed nonprofit, no one in the room had ever heard of him. But Scott struck a powerful and inspirational cord.

Fast forward to today, and with over 29,000 wells serving over 8 million people in 26 countries, Scott is now telling his story to a much larger audience. On October 1st, Scott posted this message on his Facebook page:

After two years of writing and preparing, THIRST hits bookstores everywhere tomorrow. I could REALLY use your help spreading the word. All my net author proceeds going to @charitywater. It’s been a long journey and I’m so excited to share this book and these stories with the world.

We are beyond proud of what Scott and charity: water has accomplished. For more information or to purchase the book, click here: